Who is SistersBloodyGirlly ?

SistersBloodyGirlly is a group of hackers on MSP (FR)


MSP - SistersBloodyGirlly warning!!!

MSP - SistersBloodyGirlly warning!!!

They started playing MSP in 2012 as normal users. But, at school they were tortured and they start hacking for revenge in September, 2016.


The SistersBloodyGirlly group contains 3 members :

  • Niarklly
  • Bloodlly
  • DarkNightlly
"SistersBloodyGirlly" is their main account.

What they do on your account?

  • When they hack you, they change your status to "Hacked by SistersBloodyGirlly (d) Our channel : SistersbloodyGirlly MSP."
  • They sometimes put animations on your account
  • They buy the "bat necklace" accessory .
  • They change your password.
  • They change your current look into a newbie-type look.
  • They recycle almost all your clothes and gift some to their own account(s).
  • They often give back your account.


They only hack who was evil with them such as []broken[] and they're often recording when they hack somebody.

They created a "little virus" on 4/17/17 at 11 pm.


  • They can be very nice and helpful.
  • They have a YouTube channel which can be found here
  • They are sisters and also triplets.
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