Strawberrystalker1 is a possible hacker on MovieStarPlanet (United Kingdom)

Who is Strawberrystalker1?

She was one of Anon's best friends. We don't know if Strawberry is a hacker. She may be, but if she is we suggest staying away from her. You know the reason why this is being said, right? Because she was Anon's best friend so they might've known each other in reality. She was found on UK MSP. She is a possible Spin off of the user TheBlueberryStalker found in BlackKnight777's Videos.

However, a friend of mine, was actually hacked. When she was hacked, her status read, Hacked by StrawberryStalker1, you were warned (d) I tried to take screenshots but, due to a poor screenshotting software, it crashed. About five minutes after her getting hacked, Her account was deleted. Many of her friends whom I know believe it was either a prank or someone whom she's had fights in the past with hired a hacker to get revenge. She also blocked all of her friends so it is impossible to show proof of her status.We do not know if StrawberryStalker1 is still active in 2020.
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