This is for people that were not hacked but want to make sure everyone is safe!

On September 9th 2018 ( Today for me ) On a Canada server I was asked if I wanted a makeover from the same girl that just asked my sister, I said " What is your channel " since she said it was for youtube. She argued with me for a while and finally said EmeraldLeahChan Msp I searched up her channel with no result so I said " If its real why won't it pop up" She said " It's going to be my first video " we argued a bit more and she said "Search up Chiru and ask her if I'm real" So I talked to Chiru and then she also said another user which was Inxanity I began chatting with that user and I noticed they never said something at the same time or close to the same time so I took the hint as there the same person so If you have a Canadian user take my help and be aware of EmeraldLeahChan, Chiru, And Inxanity

If you want further question ask me on my MSP account: F E L I S A

Thank you for taking notice!

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