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>!Sweetly!< was a hacker on US and UK MSP.

Main Info               

Sweetly has a main MSP account named cherryhackerhunter01, but deleted the account back in June of 2018. ! Rare Bear !! and xkxngkyleex are other accounts she owns but they're inactive. She is done with hacking and msp in general as of February 2019, as she hasn't visited the site in months. She grew out of the silly game and doesn't like the direction it's turned.


She has long light brown hair with pink devil horns, pink glasses, pink jacket, light pink shirt, shorts, and long socks. She wanted to give the impression of that she wouldn't be suspected as hacker.

What she does

She changes your password, status, and recycles your clothes. She deletes accounts that are level 9 or under. If you are lucky she returns your account. Though it is rare she does. If the account is level 10+ she changes the pass and might keep it herself or give it to a friend. She leaves hints in your status about herself like "This is kind of Sweet." or "How sweet of you to give me your account."

Victims of Sweetly

m o r e n a (UK and returned)                                                                                                                            PrinceCat rules (UK and returned)                                                                                                                           xkxngkyleex (US)                                                                                                                                                  from the movies (locked forever)                                                                                                                              xxminionsxx6 (deleted)                                                                                                                                            cutiecomingthrough1234 (deleted)                                                                                                                          blue88990011 (deleted)                                                                                                                                          @crazybutcool@ (deleted)                                                                                                                                    xXRedRøseXx (UK and deleted)


  • She had hacking accounts before >!sweetly!<
  • She used to hack with an old friend
  • She has a wiki account, *CreativeName*
  • She is one of the youngest hackers. Maybe the youngest.
  • There may not have been a motive for her hacking.
  • She was a hacker hunter but she felt it was boring and wanted to hack.
  • She had originally made the Sweetly account to gift her main account but wanted to begin hacking and to avoid being ridiculed on her main she used Sweetly since no one knew it was the same person.
  • Sweetly is very interested in hackers she enjoys hunting videos, hacking footage, and etc