Who is Tait11?

Tait11 who goes by that name on Google Hangouts will stop at nothing to get your password. If she finds someone gullible enough. She will find enough information to get their password or simply just ask them to change it acting like she will do only a makeover. If your email is not connected with your account she will delete it and if it is she will use your account to find other victims to hack.


  • She never uses her actual account on MSP
  • She finds people off live streams for MSP
  • She has believed to hack 2 people. There might be more.
  • Her 2 victims are a deleted user (she hacked and deleted her) and Angeni MSP on her account JakePaulSucks. Angeni's email was connected so she used her account to find more victims like the deleted user
  • She has been exposed in Angeni's video
  • She likes to blame her hackings on others. In Angeni's video she claimed that this girl LDfan4life13 hacked Angeni then she claimed that another girl JazzyDiana2 did.
  • She hacked Angeni's other account //Tropic backup

    After Angeni got her acc back. Found a message of tait claiming that it was her


    Part of what the tait took from the account //Tropic backup and send it to her main

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