Tayman30 is a user on MSP UK and USA who is the leader of the All Star Hacker Hunters, and a member of The Black Knights. He joined msp on August 2012 and has been on ever since.

Encounters With Hackers

Tay first encountered Lord Zedd in horror cafe in November 2014, and questioned his presence. This agitated Zedd to the point where he hacked Tayman30, but did not change his password.
Screenshot 2016-05-31-21-03-29
Tayman then reported him and got him locked out for 2 days, this is the main reason Zedd wants to "destroy him".

Aside from Lord Zedd and those connected, he has also came in contact with hackers such as Raid Net, Natule, Miss Filly, and The Dolly.


Black Knights

Colored Hacker Hunters

All Star Hunters

Plague Hacker Hunters


  • He playef percussion in the marching band
  • He was a JROTC Leader
  • His birthday is June 26 which makes him a cancer
  • He is 17 years old
  • He likes Wwe, Lucha Underground, and UFC
  • He's a track runner
  • He's a quick witted thinker
  • He likes rap music

Relationships with other hackers:

Raid Net: I have mixed feelings for Raid because he can give good advice at times when you ask him, and he came up with the mission Underworld plan which I think is awesome. Finally, he is using Lord Zedd, and will ultimately destroy him. However, I dislike the fact that he hacked me and J!nxed in a group chat. Also, because sometimes he has a rivalry with J!nxed (my best friend on UK). Finally, because he uses manipulation to get what he wants (such as forcing 777 and Gator to give him use to their accounts after threatening to release their IP's. Other than that, Raid is cool. 😈

The Dolly: I have came in contact with multiple Dolly's, probably not THE DOLLY, but Dolly's who can hack. Some of them message me weird things such as Let's Go To My Room Baby (d). In conclusion, I'm creeped out by her 😨

Skincreeper: Skincreeper to me is just an annoyance, but she must be taken seriously as I have seen her hack before. She says she hacks because she was bullied, but she still very annoying as she constantly says SKIN in group chats. 😶

Natule: I first heard about Natule after she hacked my friends in The Gorgeous Gang, my friend GrimmyGrimGrim told me everything she knows about her, and I made a page about her. I even messaged her myself, and she said she could see through my screen, and that she knows my identity. I replied, and to this day have gotten no response.

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