Tellohamic is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet. (UK and USA) They were said to hack 4-60 accounts a day. Apparently their first victim was XxEmoSwaggerzXx on USA MSP.
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A new hacker has emerged on MSP named Tellohamic. Tellohamic has two accounts: Tellohamic and Tellohimic. If you search up Tellohimic, no accounts will come up. Some believe that they hacked into MSP and tricked the system to think their account does not exist.


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Tellohamic has red, messy hair, shirtless, black sparkly pants, no shoes, pale, white skin, and dark red/almost black eyes. They are on level zero, and is said to hack almost 4-60 accounts per day. They do not have a signature action or anything to show that they are a hacker or that they have hacked you. They simply change your appearance and status. 

What happens when they hack you?

Once Tellohamic hacks you, your status will change and will say: "(d) TELLOHAMIC WAS HERE (d)". Their first victim apparently was XxEmoSwaggerzXx on USA MSP. The real owner of that account has gotten a hold of their account and has it once again.  

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