The Terrigang Twins

Terrigang was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK), who is believed to be no longer hacking.

Terrigang was a very popular hacker during the prime of Anonymous in 2012. Terrigang was believed to have been the first hacker to "break the fourth wall", where unlike the recently new range of hackers, such as Anonymous, Terrigang could not only hack users, but apparently force them to change into the coffin box animation.


"Terrigang Twins"

Terrigang was believed to not be one hacker, but collectively a group of hackers, and their leader being "Terrigang Boss".
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It is believed that the Terrigang Twins have a new account called WinnieTheLittleS. One has blue hair, however, the other spelt as "WinnieTheLittIeS" with an 'i' instead of an 'l'. They are believed to have been the original Terrigang "Boss" and "Terrigang"(Locked Out).


They are both searchable as of current. Surprisingly on "KatieTheLittleS" guestbook, a best friend and fourthie of the twins, you can see that she was made in "February 2016", as well as that "WinnieTheLittleS" has commented on her guest book numerous times. This suggests, horrifically, that they have not forgotten about their accounts and are active as of 2016.


Terrigang is back in 2016 as 001Terrigang and they already hacked some users, AMELIATHEBABE and LRD2404. Black Knight 0219 made a video about their comeback.


On August 21, 2016 2 Terrigangs were spotted by queen of coolness 123. They filmed it and uploaded the video on you tube. (However, they are probably fake.)


  • There is a YouTube account called "Terri Gang" claiming to be Terrigang, however, many believe its a fake.
  • On a recent Q and A with Terrigang on YouTube, Terrigang explained they only hacked their friends accounts, which somehow they knew the password to so more than half the victims were friends and took it as a joke.
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