Who is TheCult!!?

TheCult is a hacker on all MovieStarPlanet servers. Her accounts on the servers are: UK: TheCult!! and TheCult2016 and karino23 USA: !TheCult! and >vogues<.


TheCult's appearance is black starter hair flowing to the right side of her head, a black mummy wrap wrapped around her face, A red dress with a black pattern, a piece of grey lace at the bottom of her dress, and a cape attached to her dress (the dress is referred to as the "Red Riding Hood Dress"), and black starter boots covering up her ankle, her girlfriend/boyfriend slot would be filled with a "Deleted User" as that is the real Anonymous, and she would be best friends with other accounts owned by Anonymous, if the user does not look like that, this user is fake and is most likely trolling his/her friend. TheCult previously used to be best friends with a user named DieToday, however not anymore.[1]

What Does TheCult Do?

TheCult usually stalks anyone who messages her, she does not hack all of the people she gets messages from (as she gets over 100 messages a day) but she may hack you if you try to joke around with her or call her "fake" as she is real, and calling her "fake" gets her very mad and in rage, so she will hack you, and deletes your account, she would also shut down your computer, and install a virus giving you red flashes for a few hours, and when you try to log into your account, you will get a pop-up saying "Mommy Won't Help You Now! -TheCult", and sometimes you would hear the Anonymous Santa Laugh playing on your computer. When you log in, your status would be changed to "Mommy Won't Save You Now! (d) -TheCult" or "Hacked By TheCult--------I Can Do Almost Anything-------Nobody's Safe (d)" similar to Anonymous' status, as they are believed to be dating in real life, as they said that they "Know each other in real life" TheCult is a hacker not to be messed with as she can cause a lot of damage to your account and your computer. If you also write in her guest book, you may also get hacked, a user on USA MSP called ><Musiic><, wrote in TheCult's guest book, and later on she started getting red flashes and got hacked, even though her comment said "i'm a huge fan can i have a piece of your hair" this is not at all offensive, yet she got hacked, so again TheCult is not one to mess with, message, or even have contact with.

What Do I Do If I Mess With TheCult And She Said I Was Next?

If she does tell you that you're next (since you messed with her >.<) then you should keep changing your password a lot, like maybe everyday, block ALL Cult accounts, report them, and inform a hacker hunter IMMEDIATELY, for more information to avoid getting hacked by her, and keep away from chatrooms at this period until you think and know you are now safe. Dont go to chatrooms intil you feel ok and safe.


"Cult" meaning

"1- A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

"the cult of St Olaf"

2- A person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society

"the series has become a bit of a cult in the UK"

Synonyms: craze, fashion, fad, vogue; informal thing"

Definition by: Google! *claps for Google*

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