TheKowonia was a hacker on MSP. (NO) They joined in July 2016 and got locked out the same month. They apparently contact you through Skype.


TheKowonia had black hair in a messy bun, a black ripped t-shirt, black ripped jeans, and the Teeth accessory.

On their new account, they are wearing 2016 beginner clothes: long, black hair, black jeans and a black t-shirt. They have white eyes and pale skin.

Locked Out

TheKowonia got locked out on the 21st off July 2016. If you search up ''TheKowonia'' on Norwegian MSP, only a user called TheKowonia hjelper (TheKowonia helper) will show up. They have a new user,their new username is TheK.


  1. Sannheten
  • Friend with shadows


  • They only hack girls
  • They contact you through Skype
  • They are probably 14-16 years old.


  • They like Panic! At The Disco