TheLadyDoctor is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (CA, AU). She has an account on the wiki called TheLadyDoctor and her Twitter is @_TheLadyDoctor_, she is not very active on the wiki or Twitter.

Trying to roleplay as a childish, insane doctor, she began hacking in the late days of July 2016. She is a fairly new hacker.

There isn't much information on her, but we do know that when shes hacks you, she changes your status to "There is no escape... - tHeLaDyDoCtOr" (If you take out what's written in big letters, it reads "HLDDCO" which could be a secret code)

She's only hacked about 20 people but is still pretty dangerous. She doesn't delete your account, although she does change the password. Recently, her account got locked out for two days, she created a new account called (TheLadyDoctor,) her original being TheLadyDoctor, which she recently reached 20 hacked accounts on. So far, it looks like TheLadyDoctor only hacks noobs, level sevens and below seem to be her victims. She may sometimes even use your starcoins to buy her wishlist, but that's rare.



This user is mainly seen in the cafes, although she'll also be seen at the skate parks. She'll extremely rarely go to the beach unless she's meeting up with someone. When she's in the cafes, she'll scope out any noobs and message them, she does not friend them but only messages them. On rare occasions, she will friend you.


Her personality and appearance make her one of the most original hackers on MovieStarPlanet. If you start insulting her, she'll act extremely childish, saying things like "St-Stop! You're making me c-cry!" At other times she likes to be observant and eerie. She'll listen to every word you say and remember it. She really doesn't like when people are annoying or asking for things constantly, she'll usually block the users that do.



She has the same look on both accounts, starter white hair that goes to the side, blue eyes, a bloody open mouth, doctor tools around her neck, and a white long dress.


TheLadyDoctor's status is "The doctor, she killed all her patients every last one. And cut out their hearts, just for fun. (d)" Nexterf found that for her while they were trying to find a good, creepy status. The quote is from Dr. Giggles, a 1992 horror film. The full paragraph is:

"This town has a doctor and his name is Rendell. Stay away from his house cause he's the doctor from Hell. He killed all his patients, every last one. And cut out their hearts... purely for fun. So if you're from Moorehigh and you get sick, fall on your knees and pray you die quick.".

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