The Grudge. On Canadian MSP around... idk 2015 or so, there was a well known hacker named 'the grunge' (all lower-cases) who was hacking low leveled people around lvl 6-10. I had an account called 'QueenOfInfo' (don't ask why bc my sister made that name for me), I had been level 8 at the time and had things going well for me. Probably 2 weeks after creating an account and being active, I took a break off of MSP and when I log back on 5 days after, I was being hacked. I started crying because I was scared of the hacker. I blocked and reported the hacker.  What kid wouldn't be scared? I'm pretty sure she stopped going onto MSP to hack because she actually wasn't a good hacker and didnt hack many but people were afraid of her.

Heres a picture.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 4.42.37 PM

the hacker who hacked me

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