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The Cult Twins are hackers on UK MSP..

Who are they?

They are a hacker group and users in this has similar usernames to each other. They both are level 5 and have "The Cult Of The" in their username. The only difference is that one has the Future in their username while the other has the Past in their username. They both have the same clothing and outfit.

What happens when they hack you?

There are a few known things that happen to your device when you are hacked by them. Here are just a few of them...

  1. You're device will become quite laggy.
  2. You're internet connection with go off temporarily.
  3. Skype will begin to download on your device.


The Cult Twins are sometimes linked to the Terror Twins. This has not been proven, nor has it been debunked. It has been suggested due to their usernames that they are somehow related to TheCult.


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