The Death Cult (TDC for short) is an apparent hacking group on MovieStarPlanet (USA), who is said to have hacked over 30 people.

Who are the members in it?

There are 7 members, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, followed by Member TDC (except for Pink, as Pink is the boss.) Ex: Red Member TDC. TDC has also found a way to silence their victims. You may receive a lock from MovieStarPlanet. This gang is definitely one to avoid. They will NOT hack you if you ask them to hack you.They tend to hack during live-streams and each member has different abilities:

  • Red and Orange - Hacks your account, but watches live-stream to see your reaction, then give it back.
  • Yellow and Green - Hacks account, keeps it for 3 days. (during those days they take your stuff and mess around and gift them to other players.
  • Blue - Hacks account, does not give it back! (Danger!) Gifts their accounts, recycles items they don't want. they get rid of all your items, and delete all of your friends. They also act like you and breaks up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then blocks all the friends you had.
  • Purple - Same as blue, except deletes account!
  • Pink - Hacks computer.

(Red will message you first, and if you block her Orange will come on, and so on until Pink.)

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