The Red Bloody Vampire is a hacker on MSP (USA and UK). They claimed they were going to make a 'virus' in the horror cafe.

What they do apparently

Allegedly they will change your status to: 'PACKED BY THE RED BLOODY VAMPIRE (d)'. They also apparently change your look into starter clothes, remove your friends, they will put the wave dance animation on your status, recycle all of your items, change your password and they will delete your account. In the computer, she will apparently insert a "Oooooooohhhhh!!!" from Regular Show as a sound, they will change your background into Mordecai and Maragret kissing and install Malwarebytes in your computer. On the victim's YouTube, they will insert a random status, like "Hello." There is no proof of this however.

Where she can be found at?

They could have been found at Horror Cafe and Monster Cafe.



xXMariaAlexandraXx being hacked by the Red Bloody Vampire.

  • xXMariaAlexandraXx
  • Alexandr34 (xXMariaAlexandraXx's backup account)
  • Olimpics2020 (on the UK server)

What type of people does she hack on MSP?

  • Level 6+ users.
  • Noobs.
  • Sometimes VIP players.


  • The virus will come
    She has a main account, their name is xXMariaAlexandraXx.
  • Their UK MSP is ! Red Bloody Vampire !
  • The account is possibly a fan account in reference to 'The Dead Vampire.'
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