The Remain is a hacker on MSP (UK). She is said to be teaming with Anonymous and TheCult forming an alliance called the "runymous" (a mix of their names) Currently she has one account on the MSP UK server called TheRemain . There have been several sightings of her hacking and is said that she not only will hack your MSP but can break your computer too. Recently, she has hacked several account saying that she only claims to hack people who annoy her and 'get onto her last nerve.' Several victims have stated that when she hacks you she will change your status to: (d) hacked by theremain (d) You cant run forever (d) and change your character's look. It might be almost rare for her to hack you but most of the time, she leaves her preys with no mercy

Her story

TheRemain has recently claimed that she has had a strong friendship with TheCult for quite some time now. Like TheCult she has also noted out that she has a YouTube called TheRemain MSP yet to be verified. After a long interview, she had pointed out that she was not always a hacker but due to her poor treatment on MSP, she wanted revenge.


She has recently hacked the account sosoawesome14 and claimed that she will be using it as well. The Remain has also stated that what brought her to MSP was her dear friend, TheCult. Could this lead to another virus?


  • She is the TheCult
  • She is good friends with TheCult
  • She knows TheCult in real life