Who Is The White Hacker?

The White Hacker

The White Hacker is a hacker that has only been seen on the Au MovieStarPlanet server. The White Hacker joined in January-February 2016. They were locked out, but according to particular sources; they have returned. They came back trolling and being racist to users of dark skins. People have been racially slurred by them; however on the 7/13/16 they were locked out forever, they still want more from accounts. They may still be out there.

This hacker isn't known and is uncommon. They rarely hack a user, and when they do, it isn't that fatal. They will put a status (d) White Roses are lovely, but you'll never find the truth about love. (d)

There might be a chance that The White Hacker might go in other servers, something like the USA, UK, or Canada, or even German.

Who Are The Known Victims Of The White Hacker?

These are the victims known to be hacked by them.

  • Kikistar!
  • Sarahstar!
  • Kikistar! number
  • Manic1234
  • Nickle

Info On Tracking Them

The White Person mostly goes in the cafe chat rooms. Rarely in the beach and the skate chat room. Or might even randomly find you! When someone gets hacked in a chat room, they say (d) White Roses are lovely, but you'll never know the truth. Also with the hacker saying it as well. The hacker doesn't really do anything on the account (only changes the status like always e.e), but it might get rid of your rares if you have it(Sarahstar! lost her 2 frillies).

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