Thepinkgali is the first victim of The Clown.


Thepinkgali started out with black bob, A pink and cyan shirt, a pink skirt, cyan tights, and pink and cyan heels.

After they were hacked, they had only her shoes and items. So she was wearing no hair, no shirt, and no bottoms.


After getting the message from The realclown, their first status was "OMG".

Then, after their account got hacked, her status was "HCCED BY THE REALCLOWN (d)", the signature that the realclown leaves when they hack your account.


After they found out that they were hacked by the realclown, they used their brother's account, 4science 2 (before he got hacked) to message Kermiko if they were hacked or not. So, Kermiko told them to search up their own user on this wiki and go to their blog. Then they messaged them saying "I remember logging out yesterday, but I didn't know they were real. And then their user was then deleted. I might as well create a new account." and they logged out when 4science 2 got to level 4 and was hacked.

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