Who Is Tick Tock Girl?

Tick Tock GirI is a regular hacker on US and UK MovieStarPlanet. They are level 8. They are not well known but it is said that they could have made a virus on MovieStarPlanet, and they are also the leader of Team Rhymes.
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What Do They Look Like?

They have white side shaved starter hair, white and black earrings, white mummy mask, black shaded eye accessory, white and black dress with black hearts, black heels, and sometimes wears false teeth.

How Were They Discovered?

They are not really popular but she was discovered by Whatevslol while she was doing research on Miss Filly. Whatevslol was using a fake hacker account to get info about hackers by pretending to be one.


We know she was almost hacked by someone with a similar tune to Miss Filly, so this could be a sign of possible feuds with other hackers; even Filly herself.
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