Who Is Tipping?

Tipping was a hacker on MSP (USA).

Tipping began hacking in March of 2016. Their original account was Tipping but it later got locked out and they made a new account called Tipping 1.

What Does Tipping Do?

Tipping would hack users and spend 100-1,000 star coins. omg130421 (Gator Gerhardt on YouTube) was hacked by Tipping and had 1,000 starcoins spent. When Tipping would hack a user they would change their status to "Hacked By Tipping, I told you I was real". Tipping seems to only hack users when they call them a "fake" or pester him about not being a "real hacker". Tipping also had a goal which was to, "Destroy The Colored Hacker Hunters And The Rebels." They hacked many people on USA, and the word about Tipping was spread throughout USA MSP. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.44.00 PM


  • There are rumors that they are either a part of the Raid Net.
  • They are Raid Net.
  • They are in the Unknown Male group.
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