Main Info

There is a new hacker around called "Toily". The name probably was meant to be Tolly, but it was probably taken. This probably started around December 2017. Some people believe she started in 2014, but this is unknown. She is commonly seen in the Horror Cafe. Toily is most likely a fake hacker but just in case be careful if you see her.


All of her victims are unknown except for one, Babbbyyoreo (Usa). She was hacked December 5th, 2017 which is her Toily's most recent hacking we know of.

Oreo said that first she saw Toily in the Horror Cafe. Oreo called Toily fake because all she did was stand with no animation. After that Oreo got logged out then changed her password. when she tried to log in, Toily appeared on the screen. (Seen above). It looks fake, but it's not, which is crazy.

What she does.


Any user trying to log in after seeing Toily, will see the login failed screen.


Before getting hacked, your profile will be normal.

After Getting hacked, your avatar will be changed to stuff you probably would never wear.

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