• Toomuchskin
    A few months ago, this hacker was still up and going in her hacking days. She went by Skin, and she was one of the three founders of Team Two-Faced.
  • Little is known about this hacker as she quit less than two months into her hackings.
  • Members of Team Two-Faced, (such as Nexterf,) began mentioning that Skin had quit for 'reasons that couldn't be spoken as it would give out information that people must not know.'
  • Skin had deleted her US and CA accounts.
  • She use to be friends with Lilyisacat, no one knows if they are still acquaintances, and no one still knows whether or not Skin is lurking around on a different, unknown account.
  • It has been brought up that almost half of Team Two-Faced didn't know of Skin's exit when it took place, these members may include: Hurting Smile, Trudget, and Phreak.
  • Skin's account is still on this wiki, but it is said she doesn't visit it anymore.
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