Twisted Game is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (USA and UK).

She has came out with a new artbook stating she is not Twisted Nerve and has nothing to do with Miss Filly. She got locked on USA, and made a new account, "Unfinished Games" on UK.  

Victims and Her Mark

Twisted Game started in June, 2016 and has hacked 5 users and has possibly hacked more users. We know so far that when she hacks she makes you write in her guestbook and say "Packed" while she is on your account. Here are some of the users that we found in her guestbook that she hacked. On UK she says 'Games Left Unfinished, Who Am I?'.


Twisted Game has white skin, red dreadlocks, a creepy wide open mouth, a mummy mask, baggy eyes, a red eye on her forehead, and a long black dress.

Unfinished Games (UK)


  • She is the one who made all the viruses
  • She is Grim Reaper
  • She has hacked MSP before
  • She is working with Lord Zedd
  • She is Miss Filly
  • She is Lord Zedd

How she hacks you

Twisted Game usually picks out random people to hack in a chatroom, or if you message her. She only hacks at 9:00 and does not hack you if you beg her or ask her to hack you. You know you have been hacked by her if she changes your status and/or deletes your account.


  • Twisted Game listens to piano music.
  • Twisted Game has said "Lord Zedd is real."
  • Twisted Game does not hack people who beg her to.
  • Her new account is vermillionhackerhunter, an account she hacked and claimed it was hers.
  • She is locked out forever
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