Who Is Unknown Female?

Unknown Female is a MovieStarPlanet hacker (UK and USA servers) who is currently working with another hacking group called the Unknown Males. They originally started in 2013 then left, and returned in 2016. They have gained a lot of power through these 2 years, hacking over 15 people a day, they are not one to be messed with.


Unknown Female originally started in 2013, and left after being defeated by hacker hunters, after 3 years, they made their return, stronger then ever and they started hacking computers, Gator Gerhardt got a ton of messages from people saying a deleted user sent them a friend request and after 5 minutes they got logged out and their computer shut down. After they logged back in again, they saw a picture of the deleted user on a bloody background, and several other hunters got the same thing. It was said that they hacked over 15 people a day.

Msp Unknown Female Warning Video

Msp Unknown Female Warning Video

What Does Unknown Female Do When They Hack You?

First the deleted user will send you a friend request, within 5-10 minutes you will be logged out, even if you declined that doesn't mean you're not a victim, after you get logged out, your computer will shut down, when you open it again, it will flash black and you will see a picture of the deleted user on a bloody background in the corner of your screen. When you log back in your account your status will be different than the one you made.

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Unknown Female is not fancy, they usually choose to use starter clothing in their look. They would have short orange hair, their skin would be pale white, they would have red eyes and red lips, a white bunny top, jeans, and red heels. Their status would say "(d)" and they would be a deleted user, they would have no best friends, and they would be happy and have no purchased animations in their possession.

What Do I Do If Unknown Female Adds Me?

Contact a hacker hunter IMMEDIATELY, change your password, report the deleted user, block it, log out, and shut down your computer, after 20 minutes, open your computer again, go on a new account, search up your username, and check if you're hacked, if you're not, safely log back in, and check if MSP has given the user a warning or lock, if they have then, congratulations, you have just defeated Unknown Female.

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