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Unknown Male is a group of hackers on MSP (USA). The group originally started off in 2014 with a single user, but they came back in 2016 with a group.
Msp Unknown Male Warning Video

Msp Unknown Male Warning Video

Video made by Gator Gerhardt, explain's Unknown Male's story.

What does the Unknown Male look like?

Unknown Male does not have a significant look as they are a Deleted User.

What happens when they hack you?

Unknown Male will add you, message you, and then hack you. This hacker uses slang as in ppl for people, which may hint he is younger than Anonymous or Grim Reaper.

According to Gator Gerhardt, members of Unknown Male are capable of different things. She states one of the members would be able to flashes on screens, whilst others would be able to put red, blue or pink on people's screens; be capable of hacking computers; deleting user's accounts; and recycle rare clothing.

Unknown Female

It is said that back in 2016, the Unknown Male group joined up with Unknown Female to together become a bigger Unknown Female group.

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