aka Lauren

  • I live in a planet
  • My occupation is letting my life waste away
  • I am cold


Faith - oc bunny

I wish this bunny was mine ;-;

I'm annoying. I edit too much.

I was Sweetly but l left.

I'm not a threat anymore yippee

I'm the grammar police. ;-;

My Interests

  • K-pop (TWICE and Red Velvet are my ult groups.)
  • Anime (Angels of death, AOT, and No game no Life to name a few.)
  • Staset
  • Set it Off
  • P!ATD
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Danganronpa (SDR2 was my favorite game in the franchise.)
  • Vocaloids (V4Flower is the best to me.)

Talk with me.

I don't have many ways to talk with people as the wiki account is the only social media I guess I have. But, I'm considering making a Twitter and if i do it's being posted on this page and the Sweetly page.

So message me on the message wall I have if you have a question about me or want to talk about things we both have an interest in go ahead!


My favorite pages

  • Sweetly
  • The MSP Purge
  • TheCult
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