Heeeeeeeey everyone!

Russian Barbie here!

If you look at my account, I am wearing a moustache on purpose.

So, I was on mobile (cause why not) and I saw a deleted user...

She was able to chat, and I friended and best friended her.

I think she had the pink short starter hair, blue scary eyes, darkish red plump lips, the starter bunny tshirt (no colors were changed), the dark blue unisex jeans (no colors were changed), and black flats.

She was claiming to bring some VIPs in the chatroom, but I waited and nothing happened.

I also had saw a girl named MetalChains (d).

She didn't do anything.

I highly doubt this virus is real, but I don't recommend going on your main account, just in case.

So thats all! I hope you have a safe day!

- Russian Barbie

(I wanna be hacked, but don't change my pass because I wanna take screenshots)

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