I feel like I'm the only one who does this...

I would greet one of my level 6 accounts, buy something, then gift it to myself...

The only reason why is because I care more for coins than diamonds.

To be honest, I am a part of the Scream Team, and all I submit is looks because I can't make movies or artbooks... They end up cringy.

This is a random blog post.

I'm sorry.

But there is a reason for this! There is a subject I need to dig into!

So, most of us know Sc@ry is back on the Canadian server, but we don't know if its really her. I think we should do something about it, cause I know Sc@ry isn't real, we have proof. Me and my friend (not sayin who because I don't want to) have hatched a plan to see if "Sc@ry" can hack.

I'm not saying the plan until me and my friend do it first.

Lets call this plan...

'Mission Sc@ry'

I'm terrible at names. I'm sorry I'll just walk myself out.

My friend is on vacation, so we can do this mission until she comes back.

Off topic, I believe this is my longest blog post...

Anyhow, thats all for noooooooooooow!


- Russian Barbie

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