so first off, hello and hi, I'm new here .3.

but I'm not really good at coding so please dont yell at me for crappy info and stuff.


excuse how my table was messy with my pink-ish things.

but this is the actual artbook lunahackerhunter or someone idek sent to me,

and I thought it was a joke, i dont really know about it either.

  • so sorry for the baddest crop ever*

its like about that they are "slowly shutting msp down"

which i found it weird, still i didnt had the time to screenshot the comments sadly ;____; 


this is the user who created the artbook. it was a deleted user, I seriously knew it, but ofc i still dont know whats going on with this.

I know this may probably not real since these are lookin' fake, but ehh.


literally the past few days eversince the pastel them came,

i experienced this:

and it crashes my tab.

i even once made a forum about it? will try to find and edit

later o3o

I was trying to trade with a girl, and i tried to make a look,

and it happened. sometimes when i went to change outfits,

the closet background turned white O-O

I guess msp hates me.

and no, i'm not on admin.

so i guess i'm the only one who experiences this

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