Okay, so I was able to get a little chat with Mona so im going to tell you about what she said.

Me: Will you ever give up hacking?

 Mona: I will give up hacking in a year once i have had my revenge.

Me: Why do you hack?

 Mona: Because everyone used to call me fake and stuff.

Me: Did you once have a normal account? If you did, why did you start hacking? 

Mona: I did once have a normal account but then some friends got me into hacking.

Me: Are you teaming up with any hackers? 

Mona: Yes, i am teaming up with Miss Filly and Grim Reaper, we will be indestructible.

Me: Mona, will you hack everybody? Who will you hack?

 Mona: People who call me fake and mock me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview with Miss Mona! I hope you learned a bit more about her :)

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