Anonymous - Anon is basically a hacker on Movie StarPlanet who hacked a few people in 2012. They basically say that he is Miss filly, well we all know thats not true. =ParisCookie= was hacked by Filly AND anon. We all thought it was fake because everyday it was the same thing. Anonymous started poppin' on people's screens on MovieStarPlanet and people was terrefired. Some stories about anonymous are about that he had a brother? and he died and he wanted to get revenge i guess. So there was this Forum called ,"Little Test", made by him and every-single time somebody said he was fake, they'd get hacked. He even hacked ishacool. yeah, ishacool. Everything happend on UK because ishacool is on UK. Well now on the year 2O15-2O16 people start making users on msp calling themselves "Anonymous HD" "Anoymous (d)" "Anonymous (d) im back" "Little Test" alot more accounts , you know why? Anon is a famous hacker on MovieStar Planet. Watch out, he could be there and hack your account. (Not really).
 So be safe on msp, you never know when hackers are around.
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