Why hello. 

So today , I have this amazing, stunning hacker hunter that you would like to meet her! She is very nice and very interesting!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

That was me being sarcastic xD

Anyways this so-called hacker hunter , wanted my account for some reason. I did say I was THINKING about leaving, but she didnt get the gest of it. She was asking for account to put 'MSP Protection' which I think was kind of werid.

Firstly, what is msp protection I asked her.... 

Secondly, she was litreally asking me to hack my account. Not very good for this so-called hacker hunter, Isn't it??

Thridly, ' she was againist packing ' WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HACK MY ACCOUNT?!!?!

And yeah, this is a story all about now my life got filpped and turned upside down, i'd like to take a mintue to sit right there to tell you who i became the princess of msp ranting....

Okay, bye 

From the Princess of MSP ranting,

JULIA x x ( Black Knight 6750 )


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