Miss Filly - Horrifying Facts

Everybody knows about the famous Miss Filly... The most Dangerous Hacker on MoviestarPlanet.

There's been many sights of her in these listed countrys :

1. USA

2. UK

3. AUS

Fact 1 : When she hacks your account, not only does she just hack it. She deletes it, and puts a horrifying whistiling tune on your computer, They also can find your IP Adress and hunt you down.

Fact 2 : She works with Grim Reaper, she may even work for Grim.

Fact 3 : Her Whistle is the same as 'Kill Bill's whistle...

There'll be move facts later, but remember MovieStarPlanet..

Beware 2016: Stay safe, aware, change your pass frequently, and contact a hacker hunter if you have issues!

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