Hey guys, 

So recently loads of people have been making the same mistake of what they should've made a blog post out of, into articles. Like, I'm sorry but you can't call an article, "New hacker!!!", because there are loads of new hackers, and that title in no way, or similar titles of sort, help us categorize hackers. If you would like to make a proper article about a hacker, take the Grim Reaper, Miss Filly, and Anonymous pages for example. There are many articles from which you can base your new hacker article from, most of which best examples of a good article in the "Established Hackers" category. 

Sorry for the rant, but the wikia is getting really messy at the moment... Please be careful about posting articles, and if it does not seem like a good enough article then I'll msg you to copy all the information, and make it into a blogpost & I'll delete the article page. Sorry once again,


ALSO DON'T MAKE THE ARTICLES FIRST PERSON! You can write first person on Blog Posts, that's what they're there for.

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