Omg! So I told my cousins to go in monster/horror cafe just in case they saw Lord Zedd so we can confront him face to face. My cousin Isaac texted and said everyone is monster cafe talking about zedd, so I told him to invite me, and sure enough everyone who was in there was talking about zedd. I messaged a user who was in the cafe when it happened named Awesomewilliam30 who told me that after Zedd commented he was coming, the screen of monster cafe went black, and a cousin who was in there earlier said people were also freezing while doing dancing animations after the comment. Me and my turbo hunter team area gonna continue to investigate, but is Zedd really getting more powerful? And does his new team have anything to do with his sudden expression of power?
Screenshot 2016-06-18-16-52-54

What Awesomewilliam30 told me.

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