I want to help 

Hi im a retired hacker hunter and i want to get back in to hacker hunting i have already made an account and i want to join a team but in order for me to help  you guys out with deleted female i need all of the details then i wil try my best to help you out with this situation.I have some skills that might come in handy.Here are the only facts i know about deleted/unknown female is that she adds you then within 5-10 mins she logs you out then shuts down your laptop then when you turn on your laptop there is a picture of her standing and blood in the back round.thats all the information i have;I will make a video on my YouTube channel which is called coolgirlplaysmsp.I am very keen on doing this and helping you on this "project". If you consider adding me to this project i have other ppl that can join to this too 

Kind reguards Emily aka coolgirlplaysmsp 

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