Hi guys, i just went to go on UK moviestarplanet and this stuff came up, its really weirdd...... o.o

It said, error, dangerous request

and a whole bunch of other stuff that really confused me, the thing is we usually get this stuff, i do alot as well, and it would say "please come back" but it said server error in "/" just a /??

I am really confused, because MSP usually has some information in that "."

And it usually doesn't come up like that, i am sooo confused right now, it went back to normal but there was a noob boy on the screen so i refreshed, because people are usually wearing the theme's clothes but he was like a normal noob guy.

Can anyone explain this to me or tell me if they had this before?

3 By the way when i refreshed i saw 777 on the screen ilysfm

Thanks everyone!!

Bye, ~332

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