TheWindowGirl, i have already made a Wall post about her. Shes very creepy, you get hacked, hear weird noises, and get flashes on your screen, the flashes usually have creepy messages, but are not true. Like "Close your window at night, because i will be there" don't believe her, and if your not brave, no offense but you shouldn't be a hacker hunter. If you don't get sleep over hackers, don't be a hacker hunter. And if you are terribly bad, quit msp altogether and there will be NO WORRYING :) As i was saying. TheWindowGirl, has the axe animation, which is rare and is taken off msp, a stitched face, long black hair or long black hair in plaits, there is always different outfits so i can't explain that. Okay, now another topic, Anon's Virus, this is today and yesterday, and i don't know when else, from 6pm to  10pm she will be here, shes hacking countless times, and my screen is flashing red and im logging out frequently! I have no idea, where she is but i have been messaged by many hackers "Miss Outrage Virus" "The Devils Baby girl (d)" (People have been getting hacked by her) And <x(DOLLY)x> who i don't know about but she seems scary.                        Miss Outrageous, i don't know much of, shes the new Miss Outrage and is planning the Miss Outrage Virus, thats all i have heard of, if i have more news I will tell straight away, bye!

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