On USA msp Pixi was messaging users and going to their rooms, Zac was doing the same. Pixi Star was telling users their Family name, First name, middle name and what school they go to and what they looked like and to some users even siblings names or parents names, Boca and Gator streamed about it but Gator got no proof, either did Boca but I was skyping my friend and she was sharing her screen as she was going to live stream and then she logged out. She then logged into her back up to check her main and the screen Her main was fine but her screen was black, she logged in 2-4 times then logged out 2-4 times trying to fix her screen but it didn't work. My friend was also messaged by Pixi Star and Pixi knew what she was wearing and she said 'I'm watching you through your window my dear child (d)' She described what she looked like and what her name was. I don't know but I think someone's hacking msp and I think soon msp will be gone for good, not saying it will be gone but saying soon it could close down because of these 'viruses' and 'hacking times'! I feel like msp is easy to hack and they should update their system. This is all I've got on this story but I'll try to get more. 

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