Here is a list of hackers who are likely returning for 2016

  1. Anonymous - The last we saw of Anonymous was in early 2014. We havn't seen nor heard much of her since. Though in 2015 Anon came back with a bang, creating a virus that deleted 25% of the users on US MSP. That virus was named the most deadly hacker attack yet. It is rumored that she may come back for 2016 with another virus.
  2. The Dolly - Nothing really happened during the year of 2015, doesn't mean she's gone. It is likely she may come back later this year.
  3. Grim Reaper - Well already came back... on 4th April at 9pm caused the 3rd worst virus on MSP history, 1st being the virus caused by Anon on US MSP I already mentioned. The virus at 9pm deleted 1/10 of all users.

So yeah...comment any other possible hackers who may return for 2016... ;)

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