NAME What happened?
(Black Knight 413) Hacked - Username changed - Clothes, Status and animation changed
AquaJewels888 Hacked- Best friends deleted - Clothes, Status and animation changed
GrimmyGrimGrim Hacked - Some rares recycled - Clothes,  Status and animation changed.

So recently I was hacked by a user named Natule, she also hacked (Black Knight 413) and AquaJewels888 on U.K Msp. She claims she can see your screen - this must be true as she was telling me exactly what I was doing! 413's name never used to have brackets so she is able to change names. She says she is the one who hacked the guides and the mods on USA is this true? Probably not..


  • 'I am not (Username) ... Nobody Knows Me.. Although you will soon (d). 


So I realised I have a LOT of facts... Apparently Gorgeous Gang have done something wrong to her.. But we don't know her? Confusing, right? Clearly she lies a lot and can't keep up with the lies..

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