So resently I was hacked by this "New Hacker". This was so random like I did get a couple of messages from this "New Hacker" and in their status it read and I quote "No one is safe and I am coming for the hacker hunters main(d)". At first I was thinking they were acting like they were big shots and they are hackers when they aren't so I ignored their messages. About 5 mins later they started threating me about "I can see you threw the cam" and "Now you shall pay for ignoring me!". I decided to see what this was all about and I started messaging then. They kept going on and on and on about their going to kill off all of the hacker hunting group! So I have to put a stop this non-sense. I end up blocking the "New Hacker" because they kept repeating stuff. Then while I was making a edit I got a message from the same person after I blocked them! After that my whole screen when pitch black and I refreshed so I could see. It took so long but whatever. When I finally got onto the home page I logged in and changed my password! I was done. And when I went back to messages they said " It was just a test ". I dont know if they are planning on taking us out with a new tool or they made their own but this has to come to an end. We will before you know it, we will be taken down! Bam, for good. But that will not happened cause we have new recruits almost everyday! Back to the story....I then tryed to message then back but I can't but they did block me! I refreshed and I tryed to search the name and it said that their was no one with that name. But anyways the moral of this story is to watch out. I apologize about no having screen-shots cause like I thought it was a prank and stuff. I just want you guys to watch out! Like for reals. Cause if you got a main their coming for it and I just dont want to knocked out by these phoneys. But just watch out. I think that this may be something temperary. I interviewed this one girl who will give you the best information out there. And her username is: HoneyxSenpai. She isnt on alot but she will and I hope she will be a great assistance. Thanks for reading stay aware of this "New Hacker"! Bah bye~ 

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