Hey guys, i just wanted to talk about this important subject, if you are a normal user who isn't very familiar with hackers and never had an account hacked/locked (by a hacker), read this! because anything could happen.  Most msp hackers were active 2010-2013, some users create fake accounts while some remain a mystery forever. So many users have been hacked, even in 2014-2016 there were many users who tried to contact MSP for these mysterious new accounts who are called new hackers now, but we still can't know if they're real or fake, so everyone should protect theirselfs, here are some tips to keep your account safe from hackers, i guarantee that it will work because i tried them myself and it worked; ♥. Avoid unknown people who message you and say that they will give you free VIP, even if they don't tell you to give your password. ♥. Watch videos of new hackers made by different youtubers, and search about them, block & report them, (it's better to block them & report all, even though there's a long list and they all seem fake, doing this is optional.) ♥. DON'T enter a café written in numbers, they're fake ones created by anon. ♥. MSP hackers could send you links, but hopefully there will be hashtags (Finally they're helpful) so technically if it appears with no hashtags, then clearly they're hackers, and the links could lead you to a website filled with viruses, or the hacker from MSP will try to send you their account, the website might seem innocent, but the hacker might use it as a tool to hack you on there especially if there's no protection. ♥. Join a club on MSP that invites users to become hacker hunters, and they will teach you how to set a trap for the hacker! ♥.If there's a user who is dressed up like a hacker but talks kindly, talk with them, ask them alot of questions because liars can slip sometimes, and if you've asked her everything that's on your mind, set a plan and tell her to team up with a real hacker, and make him believe that the fake hacker is a real one, but when the real hacker tries to do something that the fake hacker doesn't know, the fake hacker will quickly contact MSP about it and report the real hacker so that he/she can ban at least one hacker.

So these were my tips, thanks for reading and i hope i could get online soon so i can post another thing talking about another subject, Bye!.

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