OK HEY GUYs this hauntingly familiar i havent made a blog on this wikia in ages! my old wikia was funduckgoesquack but i deleted it cause im stupid!! anyways i was known for having rly good theories on hackers and ive got one about viruses. now like 9.999/10 of the viruses that are said to happen never happen right, but the hackers that were suppose to perform the virus get lots of fame. like in the anon virus im not saying it wasnt true i honestly believed it i witnessed my friend hear the laugh and get hacked but thats what gave thecult fame (apart from me discovering her ofc!) but what if the whole virus thing is just to get attention so you could be considered a what we call red hacker when really ur not ! if you think about this it does make sense, sounds like something i would believe but not all viruses are fake, so still be aware of this!

also please note ik the gramamr is rly bad i try to sound fun in blogs and that but if you look at thecult page which i did alot of work on i can use grammar when i want to!

Also I did mention my old account FunDuckGoesQuack. This is a more serious thing, I might make a whole blog post about this but I'm not that important, anyway as you can tell by me posting this I might be coming back. But not on FunDuckGoesQuack atleast. I've really missed hacker hunting and as much as I'm proud of the marks I have left on the community, such as the now famous TheCult (I would call her infamous but people sure are in love with her YT channel) and I hope all the advice I have left will inspire generations to come of hacker hunting, and I'm hoping if I come back I can leave more marks and things to be proud of.

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