Wikia Update On 8/26/16 Changes

This update we have added new categories and removed some categories. So what is new?!?! Here is some info...


  • Established Hackers Category
  • Dud Hackers Category


  • Green Hackers Category
  • Amber Hackers Category
  • Red Hackers Category
  • Rumour Section

I bet you are wondering what these new categories are, right? Well here is more info about them below....

  • Green Hackers Category - Your usual dud hackers, most likely to be fakes, or we don't have much info on them.
  • Amber Hackers Category - Your usual hacker, just he/she does not seem too powerful.
  • Red Hackers Category - Hackers that have left a big impact and/or are very powerful; and can go farther than just hacking on MSP, they can go as far as to making viruses, hacking you're computer, changing your computer's background and make sounds on it, etc. Hackers like Anonymous, Grim Reaper, Miss Filly, Unknown Female, etc.

And the rumor section basically, tells you what it's about in the name. In this new navigation option you can make blog posts and/or articles about rumors/theories about a hacker. To find this page put your mouse over wiki content --> general --> theories and then you have reached the theories/rumors page.

To add a blog post/article to the page, simply just add the theories category to the page.

This update was inspired by Raid Net and was created by ItsJinxed , Black Knight 777 , and BocaBubblezUSMSP on the wikia.

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