Hello. Some of you might have noticed a new article was posted by Black Knight 777, regarding our new article rules. So here is a more detailed version of the new rules.

So when you make a new article about a hacker, we see that most of the new ones about hackers are, well, not relevant. And when I say that I mean, they lack information. Why am I telling you this? Because one of our new rules for articles is that it has to be complete. So articles should not be just a paragraph or a few sentences. Here are 2 examples of what an article should be like, and what it should not be like.

Here is an example for what an article should be like. It should be like the Anonymous article. So what does that article have? It has many facts about the hacker, it has history about the hacker, it has tons of info on the hacker, it has PROOF of them hacking, and it's complete. That is something that all articles should have.

And here is an example on what an article should not be like. The Eyaye article. It lacks information, facts, proof of them hacking, history, and it is not complete at all. So please don't make articles like this one. 

So what happens if we find articles that are like the Eyaye one? We will either, mark them as a rumor, delete the article, or categorize them as a stub article, depending on the situation. But we will give you 24 hours to fix the article before we take action.

We are enforcing these new rules because we want every article we have to be interesting, and informal. We also want every user to be able to find what they are looking for, and to be able to learn about these hackers.

Thank you for visiting the MSP Hacker Hunters Wikia.

Yours Truly,


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