Uhm Yeah. My HH accunt on USA is currently Hacked. idk by who. I'm playing dumb by not trying to get it back. but tehy didn't even change the password so yeah. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE MY STATUS OR ANYTHING! I'm actually laughing right now. I guess they just want my life. I wouldn't  blame them...JK. 

I logged in, when I was sure the hacker wasn't online. everything was in place. he/she just messaged a lot of my friends, posing to be me.

I'm pretty sure the "Hacker" is my crazy, ugly, weirdo, messed up, best fran chris, or my weirdo stalker friend Amir, so idk why I posted this, LMAO.

but if it isn't my messed up friends, Idk what's gonnahappen. I'm probably going to go and change the password now.

And This sin't my Main account on USA. This is just my HH/Rares account, JJAARRIIN

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