Hi so I didn't know what blogs were at first so--

Grim fate & Grim End are two supposed hackers on MovieStarPlanet.

I discovered them yesterday in the Horror cafe.They were speaking a language, later when we were talking to Grim Fate we were told it was a code, which was also repeated multiple times at the first encounter(If you would like to see some of the things they said in code, I can add the screenshots I took to this page).

About 20 minutes ago a fellow hacker hunter invited me to their room, I think they made a deal with Grim Fate and Grim Fate was revealing a few things. I am going to tell you what Grim Fate said (for the duration that I was there) in order (and in the same quotation separated by -).

They tried to hide me-2010-Do you see the black blocks?-Others will be coming.-(Someone asked if anon will or will not be returning) Anon will not be returning-Anon is your staff in disguise-(People ask what and stuff like that)YES-Publicity was gained by the stunt-It's all very clear when you read in the code-Grim End-The Fate and the End are bound-The dolly-APRIL 5-FORUMS AND CHANS-CHATROOMS TO NUMBERS-(someone asks if dolly is coming back on April 5th)5GH7S9DJA6-my code-(goes afk and when I returned this is what was going on)they will arrive-unlimited spaces-14+-The amound of processing will shut this down (d)-A program called hashtags helps you edit the code of the foun-FY7HABIT-(lecturing grim that it is against the law to hack )-READ THE CODE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE WEBSITE-=/m1o3v4ie6s-(she also said she was a bug in the code)

Grim Fate later made an artbook with the code in it, I will insert a screenshot but it seems to be a code and this is what I decoded from it:GHSJA,A BUG IN THE CODE,APRIL 5TH, READ MY CODE,after the letters are too small.

I thought I would include this because I thought I should leave this for more people to see and inspect, because something could happen on April 5th :/.

Stay safe!

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