Okay so first off I just want to say hi! The name is Leilani and for my time on MSP since the year of 2009, I've seen a lot of changes! A LOT. xD Okay but, this is like my what? 5th account made? I don't really know lol. So I've been studying hackers on MSP for almost...okay well I started studying hackers since I was 9 and I'm currently 13 years old so I guess you can say that I've been studying them for 4 years now. I know a couple of good facts and I was there for the whole anonymous sensation and the grim reaper sensation as well. It wasn't fun at all. Now enough with the off topic stuff, I would like to say that, has anyone been noticing this glitch here?

Okay so I legit spent 5 whole minutes trying to screenshot the glitch and it wouldn't work BUT, that desn't mean I can't explain it :D Okay so when you first go to the MSP website, the log in screen goes black and then it shows Pixi and Zack standing by some sign that says 'set these
Screenshot 2016-11-29 at 1.50.00 AM

the sever that the log in screen glitches to

Screenshot 2016-11-29 at 2.00.55 AM

my UK server account

Screenshot 2016-11-29 at 2.01.07 AM

my US server account

settings'. I looked closer and deeper into this and I realized that the MSP login screen glitches you to the Danmark server. Then, it reloads again and takes you to your home server. I will try to snap a picture but as of right now, I can't xD But here is the sever that the login screen glitched into:

So then what's the big idea? Why is the MSP log in screen keep on glitching to the Danmark server then it reloads back to your home server? I have no idea myself my friends and I will look deeper into this! Your local and sensational outcast girl, Kuki54711, studying MSP hackers for 4 whole years, is OUT!!!

Oh and if you would like to chat with me or hang out on MSP, add me on US and the UK:Kuki54711

Okay now you 4 years study hacker is out xD

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