Her Profile

Her actual name for hacking people is: cute user 12222! and her status is: Docter, docter JUST listen I had enough of being nice let's pack them (d) she is also a level 6. 

How She Looks

She has a sort of lilac/lavender skin tone, has black lips, her face expression is angry. She has black hair tied in a neat bun, she wears a little top hat on top of her bun,a black and white old fashioned type of dress and stiches on her face.

How I found out she was a hacker

She hacked a good friend of mine from team rebel ( 010 ) After she got her account back she, came to her room ( 010 was there ) and threatened her to hack her agaian. 010 told her to leave and she left, but before that she said: "I will be back dear (d)" shortly after that, another hacker arrived in the room called; "Out of the Doom" and hacked yet again another black knight.

Sorry I do not have a picture in this article, but if you can get one please add it to the article :)

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